Four seasons and lots of weddings

Four seasons and lots of weddings

Peak wedding season is upon us and the sun has (finally!) obliged in joining the party. If you are hosting your wedding in 2018, make sure you have started ticking off all those finer details in your mid-long term planning to ensure a smooth and fabulous day for all:

If you haven't already done so, start locking in those suppliers and vendors. Quality providers get booked up quickly and before you know it, your date will be off the table and you may have to make compromises in your plans. Ensure you have all your payment due dates properly logged with calendar reminders to help with your all-important budgeting.

Electronic, personally designed, handmade or personalised for the recipient; there are seemingly endless options for your wedding stationery. You don't need to spend a fortune to create a tasteful and impactful effect. Don't be afraid to try website such as Etsy or even Instagram to find stationery designers - there are so many very talented suppliers who are small businesses and won't charge a small fortune.

Every person who has thought about or set about planning a wedding in recent years should be well acquainted with Pinterest. It offers a mood board for every conceivable theme for a wedding or big event. One piece of advice: don't get lost in Pinterest. There are so many different, beautiful images and ideas on there that it is very easy to veer off course and lose your theme thread. Spend some time looking through the multitude of pages and searches, then take a harder line with yourself to create your final board. Otherwise by the time your wedding day comes around you will still be there, clicking away and lost in distant reverie...

Are you helping your guests sourced it? Is it onsite? Are there camping options? Will people be expected to source and book any accommodation themselves? Make a decision about how involved you and your partner wish to be and make it clear to your guests. It is often useful to suggest some local options, if you know the area, but don't become a booking agent or customer service helpline if/when problems arise (unless you want to). Most people coming to your wedding will have managed numerous hotel bookings for themselves in their lives, so best let them get on with it.


Gone are the days when all couples will go for a traditional registry for their wedding gift list. For some, this is still the preferred option and is certainly tried and tested! For others, however, something a little different might be of interest. There are some really lovely ways to create a 'gift list' for your guests: register for a charity that gives livestock/essential items to economically struggling communities; set-up a donation page for a sponsored charity project; ask for contributions towards different activities on your honeymoon; or ask each guest to spend a small, fixed amount on a present and wrap it - then on the wedding day, everyone gets to take a present from someone else!

As your wedding day approaches, the short-mid term planning comes into play and that's when the devil really is in the detail (and in Prada, sometimes). But that post is for another day...