So, you are thinking of working in events?

So, you are thinking of working in events?

After spending 15 years working in events around the globe, I have witnessed a number of different personality types involved in event planning and delivery. There are a number of distinct skills and traits that are needed to make it in the events world:

Grit, determination, perseverance. However you describe it, you need it. In spades. Working in events is hard and tiring and can sometimes feel relentless, particularly if the event is days or event weeks long. There is very little 'down time', work regularly eat into weekends and evenings, and you must remain motivated and driven throughout.

This is a good one. If you have read some of my other posts you might even find me listing it here puzzling, given my penchant for directness. The two are not mutually exclusive, however. Be clear and direct but gauge the situation and learn to read people. Not everyone responds well to the same type of communication. Some require logical reasoning and facts, some need to be steered via multiple options, some need to think the good idea was their idea in the first place. Whichever path you take to get there, get there calmly and have confidence in your expertise.

Attention to detail
This is a biggie. If you don't have great attention to detail, if you don't love finding the little ways that 100 place settings on a table can be even more identical and if you don't love planning and timing things to perfection, this is not the industry for you. Which leads me on to...

Time keeping
Have you ever written a run sheet? A daily, time-stamped running order of exactly what time you would like things to happen during an event? If you haven't, you should. If you have and you love it, even better.

Events are full of people. This sounds like a ridiculous thing to say, I realise. The fact is that for every event you work on, in each different country, for whatever length of time, you will meet scores of people. Different people. People you need to work with, work for, train, mentor, assist. You need to get on with those people to ensure both you and them can work effectively and to the best of your collective ability. If you don't like people, don't work in events.

Comfortable shoes
Seriously. You will walk for miles...