Why small businesses rock!

Why small businesses rock!

It is no secret that I am a big fan of small, sustainable businesses. Not a week goes by that Leo doesn't acquire a new item of handmade clothing, or an addition to his collection of obscure wooden toys!

I go to great lengths to source as much as I can - in both my personal and work life - from small and independent business owners. The rapid growth of online platforms such as Etsy, Twitter and Instagram make supporting small business owners both a doddle and a visual delight. 

Instagram is a veritable treasure trove of small businesses, specialising in one or two types of finely crafted items to larger operations that have branched into more commercial-style offerings. In either case, dealing with owners directly and having an honest dialogue, means that you can get bespoke pieces for a very reasonable price. Given my aversion to buying off the peg from large corporates, knowing very little about the supply chain or production methods, this is a huge driver.

Despite greater levels of transparency in manufacturing now than there has ever been before, it is still very difficult to truly understand how, where and by whom your product was brought into existence.

Admittedly, not everyone wants to spend additional pennies on an item that has been made by an independent small business, when the equivalent can be found on the high street for half the price. It's worth considering, however, that the contribution (small, though it may seem) you are making by buying local and small is wider than purely getting a unique product and giving a real-life person a little buzz of delight. By promoting your positive small business consumer experiences with your networks, you are helping to (slowly but surely) raise awareness about the benefits of buying local, which will gradually chip away at people's buying habits. 

Idealistic? Yes. Worthwhile? Definitely.